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Bulletproof Self Confidence - There are so many factors that determine if we are going to be successful when we are picking up girls. You know how it is, it depends on the night, the mood, the setting…. You have to make sure your hair is good, your clothes are perfect, and your teeth are white.

How To Create an Attractive Profile - "Social media has evolved rapidly. I remember when Facebook use to be a place to keep in touch with out-of state relatives and old friends that you no longer had time to hang out with. Gradually, as Facebook became more popular, people started sharing ideas and opinions. Some people started complaining and others made fun of those who complained."

Never Get Cheated On - "What’s the worst thing that can happen in any relationship? It is not arguing or fighting. For any couple, from a new relationship to a couple married of 50 years, the most devastating thing that can happen in any relationship, is cheating. And it is always the worst for the one who was cheated on."