No. 1 trick to picking up strippers (without spending money)

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I've read a lot of books about marketing, and it's amazing how many parallels there are between trying to close a sale with a customer -- and trying to close the deal with a woman and get what you want from her. (This could mean getting her phone number, setting up a date with her, or bringing her home for sex.)

Basically, in order to seduce women you've got to be a good SALESMAN -- and the product you're selling is YOURSELF.

First, you've got to BELIEVE in the product you are selling. If you believe that YOU are a precious asset that any woman would be LUCKY to have, it's going to be much easier for you to convince women to go for you.

It's like the difference between going to a Ferrari dealership, and going to some shitty used-car lot.

The Ferrari salesman KNOWS he's "got the goods." Everyone wants a Ferrari. These salesmen are extremely polished and smooth. They don't need to make the "hard sell." The only question in his mind is, are YOU capable of buying one of his vehicles?

Then there is the sleazy "hustler" salesman on the used-car lot. He knows he's selling crappy cars that might break down before you get them home. This is obvious in the way he makes his sales pitch -- he's pushy and desperate. He tries too hard to be your "friend," because he knows that his product doesn't speak for itself. He's going to need to trick and coerce you into forking over money for one of his junky cars.

Obviously, you want to be the Ferrari guy when you're flirting with women. The question in your mind should be, is this girl WORTHY of your product? Because, not EVERY girl deserves you...

This mindset is essential for macking on strippers, because they're used to dealing with customers who are AWED by their beauty and sexuality -- but they don't have the confidence that is necessary to make a hot woman feel genuine interest and attraction.

Yes, you need to be cool and laidback. You can't take any of this too "seriously." But more than anything else, you've got to be PLAYFUL and FUN.

When she asks you "do you want a dance," you pretend like she wants a dance from YOU. You say...

"Do I want to dance for YOU? OK, but I charge $100 for three songs -- and no touching me below the belt."

If she says "can you buy me a drink?", you say...

"Well, I COULD, but then we're going to need the next ten minutes talking, and I need to make sure you can carry on a cool conversation. So tell me something about yourself that no customer in this place would ever guess about you."

When she says "Hi, I'm Mercedes (her stage name). What's your name?" You say...

"Since you gave me your stage name, I'll give you mine. You can call me Jake. I'm the Friday night headliner at the gay bar down the street, 'The Manhole,' ever been there?"

The SCS program gives dozens of tactics and techniques for flirting with strippers and building REAL connections with them. There's a lot of funny, clever, COCKY stuff in this program that is going to take strippers by surprise...and make them VERY curious to know more about you.

Then, you'll learn the CLOSING tactics that enable you to take things OUT of the club...and eventually, into your bed ;)

If you enjoy visiting strip clubs sometimes (as I do), why be another "chump customer" and blow money on nothing? It's time for you to learn how to TURN THE TABLES and make strippers play YOUR game.

Believe me, these are POWERFUL tactics that REALLY work...and if you've got tight "stripper game," seducing hot women in other environments really starts to become fun and easy :)

Download it here and run through it several times if you have to, and don't miss out on the free bonus modules (which includes a video interview with an actual Las Vegas Strip Club Manager!):



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