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There I've said it.

I am sure that my entire gender will not be pleased to know I have made this statement.  But as a woman I know first hand that this is true.

We are crazy.

The reason we are crazy is because we are not like men.

This is something we are all aware of but for some reason we find it hard to remember this simple fact.

Men think, communicate and function one way and women another way.

Men are direct, to the point and have no secret meaning behind their words and actions.

This is how they function in every aspect of their lives.

Men speak with their words.

Women on the other hand speak with their bodies.

Women are testers, analyzers and observers, which can be misunderstood, by men, as manipulating or just plain crazy.

This type of communication can be very confusing for men.

I am going to break it down for you so that the next time you encounter "female communication" you can understand every word her body is saying.


Don't ever trust the WORDS a woman says.

Here is a real life example that you are probably very familiar with.  This will help you to better understand the above statement.

I am sure you have had this happen many, many, times.

You are at a bar or out socially

You approach a girl

Talk with her for 10 minutes

Have a great conversation

Ask for her number

She gives it to you

You walk away pumped up about your successful pick up

You call her two days later

No response

Call again

No response

You think, what the hell I thought she was totally into me.


Your assumption was made and based on the words a woman was saying not what she was doing.

Big mistake.

You probably thought "she is talking with me, responding to my questions, shows interest and gave me her phone number.  Of course she wants me. "


Remember women do not communicate the same way as you.  They speak with their bodies not their mouth.

To them words are simply words.  The real truth comes from inside.

The conversation to pay attention to is the one they are speaking with their body.

A woman's body language can tell you exactly what she wants, who she wants and how she wants it done.

Why you ask?  Why do women not say what they MEAN?

Often it's just to be nice.  Do you really want her to look at you and say, "Oh my God you are so annoying so please just go away!"

This is why women will remain in conversations with men even when there is no interest.

They are simply being ladylike and polite.

They will however give subtle signals with their bodies to show when they are not interested.

Right now you are probably scanning back through numerous approaches trying to remember if the woman's body was telling you to back off.

This information could have saved you lots of energy and wasted time.

Here is a little insight into what women say about men when they are not around.

The complaint that I constantly hear from women is that men just don't get it.

Many of them have said something along the lines of "I was giving him perfectly clear signals that I was not interested but he just wouldn't go away. I shut him up by giving him my phone number. Now, I'm going to have screen my calls for the next month. What an

Next time you go out and interact with a woman, pay attention to how her body is talking to you.

Is she facing you?

Is she looking you in the eye?

Is she responding to you with one word answers?

Is she elbowing her friend to try and get you interrupted?

Let me give you another example of a real life situation.  I think this one will make my point clear.

On the home page of The Wing Girl Method I describe something called the "HELP ME EYES".

The help me eyes are the international signal sent out by a woman to other females when they are trapped in a situation.  Typically this situation occurs when a woman feels stuck in a conversation with a man.

When a woman gets stuck in a conversation with a man she does not want to be talking to, she will send out a signal to all females in her vicinity.

This signal is a simple, slight movement of her eyes. Moments after the signal is sent out, another female, who may or may not even know the woman, will swoop in to her rescue and relieve her.

As a man, you most likely did not see any of this happen. You thought you were in conversation with a woman that was very into you. You probably thought you were one step away from closing the deal when in fact there was never a deal to close.

Then suddenly this other female swoops in claiming there is a situation or emergency that needs to be tended to RIGHT NOW.

When a situation like this happens, you have probably always blamed "the friend" for ruining your chances.

Truth is that YOUR woman had sent out her signals so that she could be rescued FROM YOU.


When a woman is into you, really into you, it will not matter if her friends hair is on fire, she will not break away from conversation.  If she does break away she will make sure that she will always be able to find you again.

One way for you to battle situations like this is to learn to read a woman's body language.

Me and my Wing Girls have taught hundreds of men how to do this. Once you learn the subtle cues it is easy to determine what exactly a woman wants at all times.

Is she looking you in the eye?

Has she touched you?  Not a friendly over the top touch but a soft subtle touch?

Is she really having a conversation or is it just you blabbing away?

In your own time I want you to take notice of how women position themselves around you.

Make note of their body movements and gestures.

Are they being polite or are they turned on.

Once you are able to take notice of what a woman is really saying you can start to use this information to your advantage.

I am going to teach you exactly how to do this in a few weeks when you are ready.

For now I think it would be good for you to do a little homework about female communication.  The more you know the more results you will see with women.

You can start off by watching and listening to this:

I have done my research and I can say with full faith there is nothing else like it out there. The program is all about women being honest and blunt about what they REALLY want in a man.

Every possible topic on exactly what women are looking for in a man:

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How can a guy friend turn into more than a friend?
What should men say when approaching?

… and everything in between is covered comprehensively.

To be really successful with women you must prove that you UNDERSTAND women. Women want a man that gets "it", that knows how she works and is willing to learn more every day! You'll get all of it here:


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