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  • How To Be Her Best Lover Ever Are You 'Dumb' Enough to Get More Sex Than Ever Before -- And Convince Her It Was HER Idea? That's right -- you don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions...
  • Sexual Power Mastery Sexual Power Mastery is the ultimate step-by-step blueprint that allows any man to satisfy the deepest desires of any woman! This extremely powerful and radically easy-to-use formula will work for your regardless of your age, stamina or previous sexual experience...
  • How To Get A Girlfriend - Cupid Love System ATTENTION UNLOVED men who want beautiful women fall for you hard and fast “1,739 Ordinary Men Have Proven It.” Now You Can Make Virtually Any Woman Fall In Love With You, Desperately Miss You When You’re Not Around, Tear Your Clothes Off When You ARE Around...And All In Just 2 Weeks
  • Female Pleasure Guru - Men's Sex Guide I’ll walk you through exactly how you can give ANY woman an intense multiple orgasm by following my simple 4 step formula. Be sure to pay close attention, because included in this formula is also a unique sex position that stimulates both her Clitoris and G-Spot at the same time – and is something women absolutely love.
  • How To Get A Hard, Firm Erection In Only 60 Seconds We've all been there at least once. We're with a woman who turns us on. She's ready and we want her. But Peter doesn't respond. We're frustrated, embarrassed, even humiliated. And unless she's understanding, we may never get a chance with that woman again. The sad truth is that 30 million men in the U.S. today are clinically impotent.
  • Domination Principle What women almost every precisely what they've been told they SHOULDN'T want. Her parents and teachers tell her that she shouldn't date guys who are “dangerous” and “bad”. Who does she end up dating? The bad boys. Her friends tell her that she should settle down with a “nice guy”, and stop choosing that unemployed biker who always screws her over. Who does she fall in love with? The biker.
  • Turn Your Wife Into Your Personal Sex Kitten Today I want to talk to you about the DRAMA that women secretly (or not so secretly) crave...And how to be a woman’s “hero” who makes her feel safe, wanted and crazy attracted. In my program, Text Your Wife Into Bed, I teach men how to keep the romance in their relationships, with wives or long-term girlfriends, alive with just a few easy text messages.
  • Money Shot Maximizer The Money Shot Maximizer system is the result of two years of research into the techniques used by some of the most famous male stars in the adult film business. These Sexual Superheroes are able to achieve hard-as-a-rock erections on command and keep it up for hours on end, while banging some of the world’s hottest, freakiest women...WHEN IT’S TIME TO END THE SCENE, THEY DON’T MERELY BLOW THEIR LOAD...
  • Prostate Massage: What Every Man Needs To Know For Health & Sex The 10 Amazing Prostate Functions, Benefits Of Prostate Massage, Prostate Exercises, External Prostate Massage, Internal Prostate Massage, Prostate Massage Devices, Sexual Internal Prostate Massage, Prostate Massage Fun, Techniques For Better Sex. And for the best in sexual orgasmic pleasures, your prostate is the switch that can take you on a journey of discovery. Time to learn all about that male G-spot gland at any age, especially if you want to last longer and heal any erectile dysfunction problems you may have.
  • Male Self Satisfaction Reinvented THE BEST SEX YOU EVER HAD ALONE!!!! When was the last time you felt satisfied after pleasuring your self? How would you like to feel the euphoria of the first time you discovered masturbation as a pubescent teen? Remember the WOW? Remember how you couldn’t wait to do it again? With this simple method you can get back to that place.
  • Pornstar Method - Pornstars Teach Sex Ever Wanted To Give Her A Mind Bending Orgasm In Bed? Learn From The Adult Industry's Biggest Stars EVERYTHING You Need To Know About How To Completely Satisfy A Woman In Bed This 30 day program will show you how to please a womans body from head to toe, and give her multiple orgasms. The techniques exposed are only known by those inside the adult entertainment industry and have NEVER been shared before.
  • Unleash The Beast Here’s the scoop, a couple of months ago he did a live webinar for 100 of his readers who were “average sized” but who wanted to be able to give their woman the kind of pleasure that “larger” men could give them. The first 100 guys who took the program live, LOVED IT… and more the point their wives and girlfriends were BLOW AWAY by these new sex positions, techniques, and tricks.
  • Orgasmic Guy: Unleash The Truth Of Male Sexuality Personal sexual development never ends. We’re always growing with new seasons of life and desire for life. Sexual growth is our connection to life. If we stop growing sexually, we just stop.
  • Multi Orgasmic Lover Would you like to feel relaxed and confident in bed, with the ability to ride the waves of sensation and pleasure with your lover — knowing you are in the driver’s seat and in control of your own body’s response?
  • Pimp Your Lingo 2.0 - The Art Of Verbal Foreplay I helped myself - then I started helping others. Now I've helped 10 000's of men to overcome shyness around women, attract women or go from zero dates to attracting a great girlfriend into their life. My videos have been viewed over 18 Million times. Of course, the results you can achieve with my programs vary. There are no magic potions that work every time, for everyone, with anyone. The level of your success depends on how well you use the ideas in your life.

Published on  May 6th, 2019

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