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How To Spice Up The Sex in Your Marriage

Many couples, particularly those who have been together for a while, find that the sexual side of their relationship can begin to wane and become a bit stale. Sex for them may become dull or even boring. Even worse, they may totally cease having sex together. Here are some ideas that can help you. The problem is that in other ways they may have a

How To Introduce Your Lover to the Swinging Lifestyle

Have you ever had the thought that you would like to be a swinger and indulge in sexual fantasies such as couple swapping, threesomes and orgies? Yet your partner is not interested? Do not despair – there are things you can do about it. Most people have sexual fantasies of some sort or other. It is perfectly natural and is part of our

How to Introduce Swinging to your Lover

If you are married or in a relationship and have always been excited by the thought of swinging but don’t know how to introduce the idea to your partner then you will be interested in this article.  There are really only three things you need to consider, the quality of your communication, your intimacy and your sexual

How To Deal With Your Wife Not Wanting to Have Sex

In many relationships there seems to be an imbalance of sexual desire. There are lots of reasons for this. One partner may lose interest over time. External factors such as pressures of work and children may make sex become a lower priority and something that needs to be fitted in around other activities. It is also true that familiarity can

Published on  April 27th, 2019

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