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How To Talk Dirty With Descriptions

If you learn how to talk dirty with descriptive language you’ll learn how to talk dirty to your man the way he wants. By talking dirty with descriptive language you can inject vivid sexual images in his mind instantly that both captivate his imagination, as well as force his attention to be on you. And that’s exactly what he’s looking

What To Say When Talking Dirty

Learning how to talk dirty to men often brings up the question of “what to say” when talking dirty. Most women that don’t know what to say when talking dirty feel like they’re being put on the spot, which is no way to feel about sex at all. In some cases, not knowing what to say when talking dirty can even put a screeching halt on the

Dirty Talk Phrases Smart Women Swear By

Dirty talk phrases can be either cheesy or incredible sexy, depending on which dirty phrases you decide to say. When learning how to talk dirty to a man, it can be easy for a woman to find a list of “pickup line” style dirty talk phrases and instantly feel “stupid” just thinking about using them. But talking dirty is not about saying

Dirty Talk Secrets - Book Review

Michael Webb's newest book to his ever-growing collection is a book called “Dirty Talk Secrets: the ultimate guide to sexy talk.” But does this book really live up to the hype by teaching you how to talk dirty to your partner? Let's find out… Quite frankly, what would you want from a book like this? You'd want some ideas of what to say

5 Mistakes That Partners Make When Trying To Dirty Talk

Okay, so you’ve agreed to give talking dirty a go to your partner. You may be a little nervous but you love them so much and only want to make them happy. Like you, many people have the potential to fall into the trap of these 5 mistakes. Avoid these mistakes at all costs to save yourself the embarrassment of a dirty talk attempt gone

3 Steps To Phone Sex Success

Learning how to talk dirty on the phone is similar to learning how to talk dirty in person, but there are certain major differences that set the two a world apart. Talking dirty on the phone is 100% reliant on your voice and words alone, as your appearance, touch, and physical energy are missing from the dirty talk you would have

3 Examples Of A Dirty Diva

Learning how to talk dirty to your man means learning how to embrace the Dirty Diva within. In fact, all dirty talk examples you may find are of women whom have already unleashed their inner freak and are comfortable expressing themselves by talking dirty like a champion. Reaching a level of Dirty Diva Evil Angely can happen faster than you

12 Nights of Passion: a Sex Game to Be Carried Out in Days...

by Gabrielle Moore Sex games can be as easy or as complicated as you want them to be. There are those where you just whip out a sex game board and be done with it in a few minutes – nothing wrong with that! – but there are also those that take some time in its execution. Your sex life should never be a routine. That’s why it’s

Kissing Instructions

By John Alexander Kissing is a crucial part of the sexual process. And yes, kissing is a form of sex. When humans kiss, it triggers a flurry of activity in the brain and adrenal glands that cause a surge in nerve stimulation and sexual excitement all over the body. Your (and her) adrenaline glands produce norepinephrine, causing feelings of

500 Lovemaking Tips Book Review

500 Lovemaking Tips ­ Book Review One of the biggest challenges couples in long-term relationships face is trying to keep their lovemaking red, hot and steamy. Early on in a relationship, the passion and newness of your lovemaking is always unforgettable; but, as that initial magic fades, it becomes harder to make things exciting again. So

Turn Drama into a Great Sex Life

Today I want to talk to you about the DRAMA that women secretly (or not so secretly) crave… And how to be a woman’s “hero” who makes her feel safe, wanted and crazy attracted. In my program, Text Your Wife Into Bed, I teach men how to keep the romance in their relationships, with wives or long-term girlfriends, alive with

Secret Lifestyle Travel Guide

Created By TRUE Lifestylers For The Lifestyle The book everyone in the know should have and why you should too… Part One A Brief Introduction To The Lifestyle The benefits What kind of people will I meet in the lifestyle? Fantasies, physical attraction, and expectations. The language of the lifestyle. Sexual orientation. Performance

How to Trigger Her Sexual Hot Button (and it's not what you think!)

I can guess by reading that headline you have visions of the female anatomy dancing through your imagination. What I’m talking about here has nothing to do with places below the waistline…it’s about tickling the space between her ears. I like to say sex happens in the body but eroticism happens in the mind. And with women,

Be a Gentleman in the Streets and a Casanova in the Sheets

Men, I get it. You are in a tough spot. You love women and want to treat them right (your mama taught you well after all)…and yet the last thing you want is to be that boring “nice guy” who fails to win her heart (or get her off). I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to be both a gentleman AND get the girl. And

7 Lovemaking Mistakes That Couples Make and How To Avoid Them

By Michael Webb Did you know that people who try to spice up their lovemaking, often make their experiences LESS fulfilling? It’s true. Over the years, I've seen couples make the same mistakes over and over again, when trying to improve their love lives, and I'd like to teach you how to overcome and avoid these problems. Here are the 7

Published on  April 27th, 2019

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