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3 Easy Exercises to Kill or Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

A big part of erectile dysfunction is your circulatory system. Or rather, problems with your circulatory system, like heart disease for example. And the best way to keep your circulatory system in good health is getting some regular exercise. While practically every exercise imaginable contributes to cardiovascular health, there are some

3 Myths You Still Believe About Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s face it erectile dysfunction is something that most men would rather pretend doesn’t exist than talk about. This is especially true for those suffering from it. Who wants to admit that their penis is as flaccid as a wet noodle? Unfortunately, when things are swept under the rug, myths tend to pop up to fill in the gaps of knowledge.

3 Powerful Ways to Turbo-Charging Your Libido

One aspect of erectile dysfunction that rarely gets talked about is the fact that not only does it make your penis an embarrassing wet noodle, it also kills your libido. The fact is, getting big powerful erections and having a voracious libido go hand in hand. We’re going to go over some of the ways you can kill ED, or lower your risk of

3 Psychological Factors That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know that there are certain psychological factors that can dramatically increase your risk for developing erectile dysfunction? (Or keep it going strong, and ruining your life if you already have it.) Your mind is a very powerful thing that can have a positive, or negative influence on your body without you even knowing. Even more

Why ED Drugs Are NOT The Answer

You’ve probably seen the commercials for Viagra, Cialis, and the other popular drugs used in the treatment of ED. The big pharmaceutical companies are constantly bombarding you with ads, both on television and online, hyping the benefits of their latest class of “wonder drugs.” They’re so popular that many people who don’t have

The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a deeply misunderstood condition. There are a couple of major problems with diagnosing it. The first is the fact that very often, men jump to the conclusion that they’re suffering from ED the first time they experience a performance problem. Sometimes, however, a performance problem is just that. A (temporary)

Sensitive Issues

I've been suffering from a sensitive set of issues recently. Issues that left me unable to satisfy my wife, leading to my marriage losing its spark. I never thought that things would ever heat up for my wife and I again. That is, until I discovered Hard On Demand... You see, my wife and I have been happily married for a good many years now.

Is Your Diet Helping (Or Harming) Your Erections

Erectile Dysfunction can be devastating to men, and unfortunately, millions of men suffer from the condition. If you go to the doctor to talk about the issue, you’re likely to get put on one or more of the popular medications used to treat the condition. While they can be effective (temporarily), these medications come with a raft of

How To Know If You Suffer From ED

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a problem that affects millions of men. The older you are, the more likely it is that you’ll experience it. The problem, of course, is knowing when ED is an actual problem, and when you’re just experiencing a temporary glitch in your anatomy. It’s no secret – men are pretty attached to their

Hard On Demand

Things weren't always as good for me as they are now. There was a time when I couldn't get a steady girlfriend, had zero self confidence and could hardly talk to ladies without feeling uncomfortable. For years, I'd had this problem in the bedroom. I never quite knew why. Doctors couldn't give me an answer, and medications didn't work. And when

ED And the Importance Of Exercise

It’s hardly a news flash that exercise is important for your overall health, but what you may not have known is that getting enough exercise is also an important step toward minimizing your ED symptoms. Of course, don’t expect to hear such things from the people who are selling you ED pills every month. They’d just as soon see

Are The Meds You Take Harming Your Erections?

There are a stunning variety of things that can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction (ED).  Some are psychological.  Others are diet or lifestyle choices.  Others still though, are medicines your doctor may have prescribed to you in order to treat other health conditions you may have.  Some of them are pretty well known and

5 Common Mistakes That Make Your ED Worse

When it comes to health issue, we are often our own worst enemies. You see this in a lot of cases and with a variety of diseases.  People who know they have high blood pressure and high cholesterol don’t change their diets and keep eating lots of fried food, for example.  Erectile Dysfunction is no different.  Here are a

3 Hidden Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is no laughing matter. It can hit any man, of any age, but of course, is much more prevalent among older men. Once you hit forty, you’re increasingly likely to suffer from ED. It’s important to understand, however, that not every case of sexual dysfunction is an ED problem. Sooner or later, every man faces the

Published on  April 27th, 2019

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