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How to Mend a Broken Heart the Easy Way

By Jenna James Upon first glance, mending your broken heart seems impossible. After all, you're dealing with strong sadness, anger, and desperation that are changing how you live. Everything you've known and become accustomed to has turned on its head, AND the one person that you'd normally turn to in a moment of crisis is the very person who is

Are You Making These Top 10 Break Up Mistakes?

By Jenna James You're distraught, upset and heart-broken, so it's understandable you'll find yourself willing to do pretty much anything to get your ex back. The ten mistakes below are extremely common, and will almost completely kill your chances of getting your ex back. Undoubtedly you've either seen friends make these mistakes or maybe YOU made

3 Steps to Phone Sex Success

Learning how to talk dirty on the phone is similar to learning how to talk dirty in person, but there are certain major differences that set the two a world apart. Talking dirty on the phone is 100% reliant on your voice and words alone, as your appearance, touch, and physical energy are missing from the dirty talk you would have

Published on  April 27th, 2019

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