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Avoid Any "Awkward Silence" With This 1 Bizarre Trick

"I've heard this tragic story far too many times..." You can feel this excruciating moment coming on from a mile away. The conversation with this cute girl started off great. She's smiling, laughing, clearly becoming more interested and more attracted as you continue. happens. Call it a brain fart, a blank mind, a loss for words.

Are Women CANCELLING Dates And Flaking Out On You?

Question From Justin: Simon, I'm halfway through your MACK Persuasion Mastery Program. Awesome stuff. I got a question for you. Maybe you cover it in a later chapter, but I need to find the answer out right now because this situation is driving me crazy... Last week I met a girl at a party, had a cool conversation with her, and invited her to

5 Simple Steps That Will Make You a Real Man

Look, seducing a woman does not have to be some silly, pre-set routine or a stupid set of gimmicks you picked up from some book. It's more about knowing how to trigger her interest and making her feel like YOU are the man that she needs to experience things with. It's one thing to know how to get a woman’s attention. Any guy can get dressed

5 Secrets of Women

So you are trying to become better at the art of seducing women right? You are on the right track if you are seeking info. You know what they say: know your opponent in order to win the game. And you know what the game of seduction isn’t any different. Once you understand women, you will take them off that pedestal. You will never again

3 Steps To Getting & Attracting Women Younger Than You

Your success with dating younger women is not dependent on how old you are, or how large the gap is. The approach you use for a woman your age will also work for someone younger-with a few minor tweaks. It really comes down to three things: 1. The image you present to the world. 2. The thoughts and beliefs that are stuck in your head your

Published on  April 27th, 2019

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