How to Play the Wet Wheel of Fortune

By Gabrielle Moore

Have you ever seen the TV show the Wheel of Fortune? Well, this sex game is a sexy and naughty deviation of that TV game show. It’s a great way to engage in various lovemaking positions with your partner. And as such, it takes away a lot of the routine and boredom you guys may be experiencing inside the bedroom.

The Sexy and Wet Wheel of Fortune

These are the things you need to keep in mind to ensure a great Wet Wheel of Fortune experience.

Perfect, romantic bathroom or shower setting.

Prepare the bathtub if you have one; if not, a shower stall is great as well. Dim the lights, play some romantic music, and light some scented candles. This sex game may take a while so brining in some drinks (wine, champagne) and some food items (cheese, crackers, grapes) is not a bad idea.

Get in the right mood and frame of mind.

Like any sex game, it really won’t work if you just, you know, get on with it. Remember that the brain in the biggest sex muscle of all so you need to stimulate that first. So start with a relaxing shower together or give your partner a sensual bath massage. Just when your lover is a bit primed, engage in some heavy foreplay. This is necessary because the actual Sex Wheel of Fortune is based more on sexual positions.

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The Wet Wheel of Fortune board!

This type of sex game paraphernalia can be bought in sex games. They come complete with suction cups too so you can easily attach them against the wall or on the glass of your shower stall. (Of course, you can also create your own.)

When buying one try to find that has two wheels on it; one that tells time (30 seconds, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.) and one that indicates a photo of the sex position. Wherever the wheel stops, you guys must do whatever the image indicates for the time period the second wheel says!

Admittedly, there are some limitations to what sex positions a couple can engage in inside a shower stall or inside a bathtub so here’s a quick rundown for you.

• Woman on top. That’s right. Just lie down in the rub and let the water embrace you as she gets on top and does her thing.

• Standing doggy style. This is just the classic ‘from behind’ move but in this scenario, both of you are standing up. (Shower head spraying water on you guys a must!)

• Bent doggy style. This is just the classic ‘from behind’ move but in this scenario, you’re standing up while she bends and braces herself against the bathroom wall. (Shower head spraying water on you guys a must!)

• Hanging lotus. In this lovemaking position, you guys are face-to-face. You’re standing up while her arms embrace your neck, and her legs wrap around your torso. (Shower head spraying water on you guys a must again!) And yes, you need stamina for this move!

• On the counter. In this lovemaking position, you move out of the bathtub and/or shower stall and place her, sitting, on top of the bathroom counter. You get the added bonus of making love to her while watching yourself in the bathroom mirror!

In this sex game there are no losers only sexual pleasures!

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How to Make the Wet Wheel of Fortune More Exciting

As if this sex game is not hot enough, there are still some things you can add or incorporate to tweak this sex game more to your liking. Here are some ideas.

Don’t just have images of lovemaking positions; add foreplay and/or genitalia images as well. For instance, if the arrow on the wheel lands on say, his genitalia, and on the time 30 seconds, then she gets to do whatever she wants to do on that body part (and vice versa of course).

If, for some reason, one is not able to carry out the activity for the said amount of time, there is a penalty. This penalty can be in the form of missing a turn to spin the wheel to being ‘limited’ in one way or the other. For example, one of his or her writs can be handcuffed to something to limit movement. A blindfold can also be used, inhibiting sight as well as making the search for the ‘target’ much more exciting!

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Published on  April 27th, 2019

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